Paddle Review: Vanguard Power Air

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The Vanguard Power Air paddle is the evolution of the Selkirk Labs 002 paddle. For those not familiar with Selkirk Labs, it is a division of Selkirk Sport that allows the company to collaborate with players to fine-tune new paddles they are bringing to market. If you'd like to know more or use some of these paddles you can visit the Selkirk Labs website. Selkirk was kind enough to send me a demo of the Vanguard Power Air in the Epic shape. Thanks Selkirk!

close up

Looks super slick!

Thin Paddle

Pretty Thin Paddle!

Edgeless Technology

Close up of the Edgeless Technology


Tacky Grip

Not like any other Selkirk Paddle

I've used Selkirk paddles for many years. When I went from the Amped line to the Vanguard line it was a pretty easy transition. Later, when I went from Vanguard to Vanguard 2.0 it was an even easier switch. These are great paddles and provide a lot of control, spin, and durability. Power is also good but probably where the Vanguard scores the lowest. The Vanguard Power Air, however, provides a lot of power and spin.

Coming From the Vanguard 2.0 Line

If you are like me and coming from the Vanguard 2.0 line be ready for a bit of a surprise. This isn't like going from a Vanguard to a Vanguard 2.0. This is a good thing. I'm super happy that Selkirk is spreading out and making paddles for other types of players. If you want more power in your game I would recommend you give this paddle solid consideration. Just be prepared to make some adjustments to account for the newly found power.

When it comes to spin I've found that the Power Air produces more spin than the Vanguard 2.0. Once adjustments can be made for the power this paddle provides I think the extra spin will help players control the ball. If you've got some extra top spin on the ball you'll keep more shots from going long.

Coming From Other Power Paddles

I have some friends that use power-type paddles. When they tried the Power Air they had very positive feelings. They mentioned how they still get the pop and power they were used to but now feel like they have more control and spin over their current paddle. If you're a player who likes power in your game but are finding you need just a bit more control you need to check out the Power Air.


Selkirk has made a paddle to fit a type of player that wouldn't look at the control paddles of the Vanguard line. I love how Selkirk keeps innovating and pushing the limits of what can be built into a pickleball paddle. If you're in my area and want to give this paddle a shot send me a message. I've got a demo waiting for you.