Birthday Mach6 Paddle

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It might help to read my initial post about the Mach6 paddle before reading this post. I should also point out that there are two different makes of the Selkirk Vanguard paddles. One is called Hybrid and the other Power. The Hybrid is the line that will feel more like the previous Amped line. The Power series is much thinner and is geared towards experienced players. It can bring a lot of power to your game.


I must admit that when it comes to birthday presents for myself and for my wife we don't surprise each other much. We ask the other what they are wanting and then go with that. The Power version of the Mach6 was coming out soon but not yet available for purchase. I wanted to give it a try when it did release. When the evening of my birthday came around, my wife handed me a box. I was floored when I opened it up to find the Power Version of the Mach6! She had contacted Riley Newman on Instagram and was able to buy a paddle from him! Huzzah!

A lot more power

When I compare the Power and Hybrid versions, the Power model does give a lot more power. It's fun to see all the extra oomph you get by just switching paddles. I'm a little worried about the touch game, but I'm going to stick with it to see if I can get accustomed to the paddle.

The Mach6 Power

Best birthday present ever