My favorite sport

My favorite sport

What is pickleball?

Pickleball is one of the fastest-growing sports in the country and for good reason. It is easy to get started, doesn't require expensive gear (although you can spend a lot), and is tons of fun. I grew up playing tennis and still love the sport. When I heard about pickleball I called it "lazy person tennis." I called it this because you play on a tennis court surface and have a net just like tennis, but the court is much smaller. You play with paddles and use a plastic ball instead of a racket and a rubber tennis ball. I played it once and dismissed it as a lame sport. A few years passed, and some neighbors asked me to come to play. I had just moved to the area and wanted to get to know more people, so off I went. Games didn't last long, and we switched partners around. Everyone was laughing almost constantly. I saw many ohhh and awww moments as great points happened. I was having a lot of fun! Three years have gone by now, and I still play multiple times a week. If you've never played, I encourage you to find a court nearby give it a shot. The pickleball community is extremely welcoming. Here is an app to help find courts and meet some players.

Forehand Ground Stroke

Hitting a forehand ground stroke


One of the aspects I love about the game is the progression you see in yourself as you work on different shots and skills. This has kept me hungry to get on the courts time and time again. Tournaments come up and it is fun to go test what I have learned. I currently hold a 5.101 ranking and want to keep getting better. Pickleball has taught me to always keep improving on things.

Midnight Tournament

Chasing down a backhand at the Midnight Heist Tournament

Go Selkirk

    • If you get into the game you'll find that there are many different companies for pickleball gear. I've used quite a few and, my favorite is Selkirk. I've used their S2, Invikta, Epic, and currently, the Mach6 paddle. I love the Mach6 because of the long handle. I use a two-handed backhand so this paddle is perfect for me. Selkirk has always treated me well when I needed to return a paddle. Most of the time I'm playing in the heat and their shirts and hats are great for that. I can't recommend their gear enough.
    • Mach6 Pickleball Paddle

    My paddle of choice