Selkirk Shirt Review

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No stick shirts!

I'm on the pickleball court a lot. Sometimes six times a week. The weather where I live is very hot. In the summer we get over 100 every day. I usually play in the early mornings or later at night. In the winter I'll play during the day. Why am I bringing all this up? Well, I sweat a lot when playing. A lot of the athletic shirts I have used will stick to me because of the sweat. It is a pet peeve to have my shirts pulling at me while chasing down a ball. I've got three Selkirk shirts, and I reach for them all the time because they don't stick. They breathe and help keep me cool. They also look fantastic. I have the Amped shirts which they don't sell anymore (I'm wearing one on my home page), but I know their newer shirts are just as good. You can shop for them here. The new TM brand will be what I will grab next. Go get some for yourself!