Paddle Review: Mach6 Vanguard2

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A Little History

I've used the Mach6 paddle since it was released. I even used the Power version for a few months when it was available. Ultimately, I came back to the Hybrid version. The latest version is the Vanguard 2, and it is amazing! It comes with everything I love from the Vanguard 1. It is golden when it comes to touch and control. I can place the ball wherever I want. The third shot drop feels so good with the Vanguard line.

hitting ball

Rolling some forehands cross-court!

Textured Surface

The main difference I have seen between the Vanguard 1 and 2 is the surface texture of the paddle. The Vanguard 2 has more texture on the paddle face. This allows me to generate a lot more spin. When I first hit with the Vanguard 2 it took me off guard and took me a few games to adjust but after that, I fell in love with how easy I could generate more spin.

Long Lasting

Another awesome difference is that over time there are no scuffs in the paddle face. The Vanguard 1 would show when it had been used a lot. I've been playing with the Vanguard 2 for a while now, and it doesn't show the same wear. I also hear from others that use different brands of paddles that the spin wears off quickly over time as the texture on the paddle face wears away. I see none of that with my Mach 6. I can still easily generate the spin I want, even after weeks of heavy use.

close up

Very minimal wear on the surface after many weeks of heavy use!

Other Shape Options

I highly recommend the Vanguard 2 line of paddles. I use the Mach6 because I have a two-handed backhand. If you don't have a two-handed backhand you might look at the Epic or the Invikta.