Joining Team Selkirk

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Lots Of Pickleball

As many of you know, I play a lot of pickleball. Sometimes too much. It's just such an amazing sport. For a few years now I've used Selkirk paddles. My first paddle was an S2. When I wore through that one I switched to an Invika, and then an Epic. Now I play with a Mach6. I've also got some Selkirk shirts and I have blogged about those before. All in all, I'm very familiar with Selkirk products. I've never had a bad experience with anything Selkirk.

Spreading Pickleball and Selkirk

If people ask about my gear I would always say how pleased I was about Selkirk products. People would often ask me which shape of paddle they should get next. They would probably ask me because they knew I've used most of them before. A friend asked me one day if I was on the Selkirk team. I said no and he responded that I should apply. So I did! They accepted and I'm so excited to help grow the sport of pickleball with Selkirk! If you are in the southern Utah area and want to try out some paddles I have some waiting.