Why I love Vim

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My curiosity was high

I used Sublime Text for a long time and had no problems with it. Then I watched a video tutorial about javascript. The teacher wasn't even talking about Vim. I got to see him write code, and I watched him move around in his editor. I was floored. What wizardry is this? That was about 7 years ago.

Since then I have read books, watched videos, re-written my .vimrc over and over, and learned a lot about Vim. People frequently ask me, "Aren't you a UX designer and CSS guy? Why do you use Vim?!" My answer is always the same. It makes me write CSS and other code faster. At first, I was slow, and I made a lot of mistakes. I kept Sublime close at hand for when I need to just get stuff done. Over time though I needed Sublime less and less. You will often hear Vim users tell others to just give it a chance, and after a while, you will want to use Vim everywhere and not just for coding. It is true. I do wish I could use Vim in more places. And yes, if you stick with it, I think most people would love Vim.

Other options besides the terminal


I have been using VSCodeVim in VS Code because of this beautiful VS Code theme. So if you have a theme or a feature that you can't do without, install the VSCodeVim.

Synthwave VSCode Theme

Stuff even glows!


I'm excited about the OniVim project. It aims to bring real Vim into an editor like VS Code. We can take all the goodness that comes from VS Code and also use Vim with all its features.

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