Paddle Review: LABS 003

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The Selkirk Labs 003 paddle is the third paddle to arrive on Selkirk Labs. For those not familiar with Selkirk Labs, it is a division of Selkirk Sport that allows the company to collaborate with players to fine-tune new paddles they are bringing to market. If you'd like to know more or use some of these paddles you can visit the Selkirk Labs website. Selkirk was kind enough to send me a demo of the 003 paddle in the Epic shape. Thanks Selkirk!

close up

Looks super slick!

20mm thick

20mm Thick!

Edgeless Technology

Close up of the Edgeless Technology


Tacky Grip

The Thickest Paddle Ever

This paddle is 20mm thick making it the thickest paddle on the market. My initial reaction to this was that it would be a super control paddle since power paddles are typically thinner. Now that I'd had a chance to hit with it though I can say that that isn't true. This paddle is a power AND a control paddle. It is a really good balance. I'd say the Vanguard 2.0 paddles are control paddles while the Vanguard Power Air is a Power paddle and this one is right in the middle.


Oh man! The spin on this paddle is crazy. I can generate plenty of topspin on my dinks, drops, drives, and serves. The first time I played a game with this paddle the opposing team was getting mad because my serve would jump towards them after it bounced.

Coming From the Vanguard 2.0 Line

If you are like me and coming from the Vanguard 2.0 line this will be an easy switch. The 003 feels like a Vanguard 2.0 but with more spin and more power. With any paddle change, there is some adjustment time but I don't feel this will be long at all. As a long-time Vanguard player, I find this paddle to be a great evolution to a new level.

A Note On Weight

When I first got this paddle it felt incredibly light. I added some lead tape around the edges until I was happy with the feel. This is a personal preference. You can add as much lead tape as you want until it feels comfortable. For me, the paddle feels even better with some added weight.


I've used this paddle in quite a few games over the past few weeks. I'm glad to see that Selkirk was able to keep the technology from the Vanguard 2.0 on the paddle face. I don't see any nicks in the sweet spot where there is repeated hitting.


Selkirk has made a paddle to push the boundaries even farther giving players more spin and more power while not giving up on control. If you're a long-time Selkirk player who loves your control you will love the 003 paddle because it will give you more pop and more spin. If you've never used a Selkirk paddle before this paddle is a great place to start. If you're in my area shoot me a message and you can demo it!