New Job: PlutoTV!

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End Of A Chapter

Man, it's hard to think that I'm actually leaving Uplynk (Verizon, Aol, Oath, Verizon Media). I imagined numerous times that I'd stick with this time until the end of my career. That is saying something since before Uplynk I didn't say over 2 years at any company. All the people I worked directly with at Uplynk are absolutely amazing! The projects I got to work on in the streaming world were fun and exciting. I'm glad I got to be part of the work we did. It was an amazing journey.

So Why Am I Leaving?

To be honest I'm a little unsure about where the future of the company is going. Verizon sold us to Apollo and it's unsure exactly where they will take the company. I also started to realize just how long I'd been in this position and I started to think about stretching my wings somewhere else. Then I heard about PlutoTV and about a position that would be right up my ally. I decided to check it out and that eventually lead to me accepting a position at Pluto TV.

What Will I Be Doing At PlutoTV

I'll be building an extensive component library from the ground up in React for their internal tools to use. This type of work excites me a lot! I've worked on Bindable off and on over the years while juggling regular work. Now I'll be able to focus all of my time working on and maintaining a component library. I'm really excited. Onward!