Fishing In Alaska

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I'm Leaving My Comfort Zone

Those of you that know me well know that I'm not a traveler. My version of a vacation is hiking close to home, some pickleball, and some ice cream. My dad, however, has always wanted to fish in Alaska. He has never been able to do that. My brother-in-law loves to travel and is always booking vacations for my sisters family. My sister nudged him to plan the boys a fishing trip to Alaska. Within a day he had it all booked out and planned. Now that is my kind of vacation planning. I didn't have to do a thing!

River Fishing

River fishing was a blast. We had a guide and he took us down the river. He stopped us in spots and told us where to cast. Live bait isn't allowed so we would cast and reel back in quickly. We were fishing for salmon. My dad caught four before anyone else caught a single one. I ended up getting two. It was amazing.

Dad's catch

A super happy dad

River Fishing

River fishing was my favorite

Deep Sea Fishing

That's how this part of the trip was for me. I was so sick the entire time. I did catch two halibut, two rockfish, and one cod. I don't remember much of it. I was just so sick. My dad, brother, and bro-in-law weren't nearly as sick.

Deep Sea Fishing

We each caught two of these halibut

Chased By A Bear

On the third day of the trip, we went to a national park to see a large glacier and do some hiking. My brother and I got on a trail just off the highway. A bear trotted onto the trail just ahead of us. He looked at us and went up the trail away from us. We proceeded slowly only to then see him running back towards us! Since we were so close to the road we went back that way. The bear stopped after a bit and went on down the hill off the trail. Turns out once he left us he ran into two other hikers so he turned around and ran back towards us. We had pinned the bear between two groups of hikers. Yikes.

The Bear!

We got one shot of the bear as he came on to the trail

Glad To Be Home

It was an amazing trip. No pickleball happened but I did get some ice cream and hiking.