Midnight Heist Tournament

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Fun local tournament

The Midnight Heist is a pickleball tournament run by the city of St. George. During regular play, the lights turn off at 10:30 PM. For this tournament, they keep the light on until all the games have finished. It could end up being long into the early morning hours of the next day when things finally finish up. This is fun because temperatures here easily go over 100 degrees. Playing at night makes this a little more bearable.

Battling against friends

I partnered up with Joe Zaleski. The tournament was a relaxing time with friends because we knew everyone in the bracket. There were only four teams. The format was a round-robin and then we were seeded for a single-elimination tournament. We went undefeated in the round-robin phase. In the tournament part, we played Jason Weidman and Jason Ayotte in the final. They ended up taking us down in that match-up. There were some close games and it was a lot of fun.

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Good times with pickleball friends