Zion Subway Hike

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The Subway

Zion National Park is beautiful. It is full of breathtaking hikes. For most of the hikes, you can show up at the park and go. A few you need to get a permit to hike. The Subway hike is one of those. My sister was able to get some permits, so off we went. It isn't a difficult hike, but it is long. It is 9.1 miles in total. You'll want to block off the entire day and back in food and a lot of water. The end of the hike has a pretty steep upward hike. That is the most difficult part of the hike. There are some areas where you can repel if you want. You can also use a rope to help you down the rock. Here are some of the photos from the adventure. I highly recommend visiting Zion National Park if you get the chance.

Subway View at the beginning

View at the beginning

Start of the subway tunnel

Start of the Subway tunnel

Adventruing down in to the Subway part

Mini rappel or rope climb

Leaving the Subway Tunnel

Leaving the Subway Tunnel