New Goal: Lift Weights

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Something New

I've always been a little guy. Many times I've been told that I should start to lift some weights and I'd have fun and see some results quickly. I never listened. I hated the gym environment. I didn't like traveling to the gym, and why would I use time doing that when I could play pickleball? But that being said, sometimes I get that itch to try something new. When that feeling comes it's usually related to something web development related, like a new language or a new javascript framework. This time I had the feeling to give lifting weights a try.


I knew I wouldn't go to the gym, so I started looking at home options. I was told I could work out every muscle group with some dumbbells. But getting a set of those was expensive! In my hunt, I discovered adjustable dumbbells. I didn't know that was a thing. I found an older model of a Weider 55lb adjustable dumbbell and got it. The newer model looks like this. I picked up a cheap workout bench on Amazon and I was on my way.


Now I had to find a program to follow. I wanted one easy enough for a beginner but could transition into something more difficult over time. I found this program online. I'm doing program one now and will build up to program three.

So far so good

I'm two weeks in now, and I like it. I can work at home with no one else around. I don't have to travel. I can start when it's convenient for me. Most importantly, doing this hasn't gotten in the way of pickleball.