Luke Larsen

UX + Front End

Luke Larsen UX + Front End

Hi, I'm Luke Larsen

I'm a UX Leed Engineer based in Utah. I currently work for PlutoTV where I design and build interfaces that allow our internal teams to schedule content, and manage channels. I have planned and built out entirely new features while also maintaining existing areas in the system. I co-started a component library that powers the system and keeps the team organized.

I enjoy planning out complex problems and turning those problems into an easy-to-use experience. I equally enjoy developing that design into the codebase. I find enjoyment in making sure the interface works just right in all browser sizes and devices. I love CSS and building complex layouts that are fluid.

When I'm not building things at the computer, you'll find me with my kiddos, playing pickleball, or spinning some new flavor of homemade ice cream.